Export to PDF does not include variables


When using the Export > PDF context menu on a form, variables are not included in the PDF.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Service Catalog > Maintain Items.
  2. Go to Create Incident item.
  3. Create a single line text variable.
  4. Name and save the variable.
  5. From the item, click the Try It UI action on the form.
  6. Fill in the text boxes and click Submit.
  7. From the incident, change your view to Default View.
  8. If not on the form, right-click the header and go to Configure > Form Layout and add the Incident Variable Editor.
  9. Once you can see the variables on the form, right-click the header and select Export > PDF.
  10. Note that the variables are not shown.

The reason for this behavior is because variables are created using a UI formatter, and this is a type of element cannot currently be exported to PDF. For more details on formatters, see Create a Formatter in the product documentation.



This is expected behaviour. The PDF export does not support rendering the 'Incident Variable Editor'.
PDF Export can only export Form Sections and Lists.

If the browser on your OS does not require additional software to be installed (i.e. Windows 7-8 with Firefox and IE), in order to pdf/print a form that contains formatter elements:

  1. Select Printer friendly version from the options (cogwheel) menu in the header bar.
  2. Print (or PDF) the form page. 


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