Instance Customization FAQ and Guidelines


What is a customization?

A customization is any change to code that is part of the baseline install of a ServiceNow instance.

What is a configuration?

A configuration is tailoring an instance using ServiceNow best practices and API to meet your requirements without making changes to code that is part of the baseline installation of an instance.

Examples to highlight the difference between a configuration and a customization

Example of a customization:

Example of a configuration:

What if you decide to customize code that is part of a baseline installation?

Since the code is part of the baseline installation and has been customized, the following would occur:

Can you still receive support on a customization?

Yes, however, if during a support call it is determined that the customization that was made is the cause of the issue, the support team would advise you to revert back to the code that was part of the baseline installation so that the support team can assist you. 

What are the ramifications of performing a customization?

The ServiceNow platform is extremely flexible and can fulfill a wide range of requirements. However, the ServiceNow platform uses a framework that supports these different applications in how they process tasks, how forms are rendered in multiple browsers and the overall user experience.

ServiceNow relies on the framework’s integrity in order to develop and provide support in a consistent manner. If you have requirements and ideas for enhancements, you can submit an Enhancement Request to the ServiceNow development team. Each request is evaluated and, if approved, will be incorporated into a future release. 


It is critical to understand what a customization is, and how it can impact before deciding to carry it forward.

Customizations should be made to baseline objects where necessary, so that conflict resolution and decision making can be appropriately recorded in the updates. Hidden customizations may cause administrators to overlook updates in future assessments in case reverts or merges are necessary.

If it is essential that a customization be made, you should adhere to the following process:

Additional Information

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