Requesting Remote Services


Remote Administration, Remote Administration OnDemand, and Express Remote Services are paid packaged services that are offered and contracted by ServiceNow Remote Services.

For general information, see Remote Administration.


Designated users can request remote services from the Service Catalog or from the list of existing requests.

Requesting remote services:

  1. Open HI at

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click Create New RS Request from the hompage

    • Click Service Catalog and then click Create New RS Request

  3. Select a category.

    For example, Managing DataContent Management, or Form Administration.

    (Select the Express category for Express Remote Services only.)

  4. Select an item.

    Only items belonging to the specified category are available.

  5. In Please describe what you need assistance with, describe the work you are requesting from Remote Services.

  6. In Please describe why you need it or the use cases around it, provide a reason and use cases for the work.

  7. In Select the target instance, specify the instance on which the work is needed.

    Only one instance can be selected.

  8. Click Submit.