CMS message: Detail record could not be located


CMS message: Detail record could not be located


When navigating to a page within CMS, the user receives this message: Detail record could not be located.


This message indicates that the system is accessing a detailed content block, but either the block was configured incorrectly or the specified detailed record does not exist.

For example, the message can be seen just by viewing a custom CMS page called "" where a detailed content block has been added:


In the above example, the message displays in the Employee Self-Service site (for example, /ess/) on the page. To resolve the message, go to the CMS page where the message is occurring:

  1. Navigate to Content Management > Pages.
  2. Go to the Test page.
  3. Under Related Links, select Edit Page.

  4. View the content block to see where the message is occurring:

  5. To prevent the message from displaying, delete this block using the X in the upper-right corner.

  6. To edit the block, select the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of the content block to view detailed content:

The content block above is configured to Show the page's current document. This is used to display the contents of an existing document, such as a knowledge article or service catalog request, as a block on a content page. For more about this functionality, see Detailed Content Blocks.

This detailed content block type cannot be used alone. The CMS page on which the detailed block is embedded must be specified in the Content Types record in the Default detail page field.  

To view the content types and detailed pages:

  1. Navigate to Content Management > Content Types to see a list of content types and specified default detail pages:

  1. To create a CMS page that contains a custom detailed content block, ensure there is a corresponding Content Types record configured.

To see an example of a base-system content type in CMS and how to customize it, see this community post: