Deep linking in mobile view does not work without a session.


Deep linking in mobile view does not work without a session. Instead, when you authenticate, it sends you to Then you are sent home, not to the deep link you clicked.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Impersonate a user.  
    Ensure that this is a user account you can also log in to directly without impersonation. 
  2. Access a record that this user should be able to access using deep linking.
    For example, a change request or incident that the user has permission to view. 
  3. Copy the URL of this record.
    You can right-click the record header and select Copy URL or open the record in a new tab and copy the URL directly from the browser.  
  4. Email a copy of the URL to yourself.
  5. Open the email on your mobile device and click the link.
    You are redirected to the page.
  6. Navigate directly to the instance. For example, https://<instance>
  7. Log in with the user account selected in step 1.
    The link should be remembered and you should be directed to the linked record chosen in step 2 after a successful login. Instead, the user's homepage is loaded. 


Th issue does not occur in the new Mobile UI that is available in Eureka and later releases.

Related Problem: PRB587892