g_form.hideRelatedList has no effect in the Mobile UI


The g_form.hideRelatedList function has no effect in the mobile UI.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. In the desktop UI, open an incident in the mobile view.
  2. Select Personalize > Configure > Related Lists, and add a related list to the form if one is not already there.
  3. Create a new client script:
    • Type: onLoad
    • UI Type: Both
    • Script: g_form.hideRelatedList("REL:702782ceb2b5b1b1b007514c6daa62c2"); (You will need to change the sys_ID here to the match the related list you added.)
  4. Save and reload the incident form.
  5. Note that the related list added in step 2 no longer appears.
  6. Switch to the mobile UI. 
  7. Open the same incident from step 1.
  8. Click the Related Lists tab.
  9. Note the related list is not hidden.



The reported issue is expected behavior.  The hideRelatedList method is not available in the Mobile UI.


Related Problem: PRB630410