On Internet Explorer 10, form elements in an iFrame within the CMS render incorrectly when using the mouse wheel to scroll


When a mouse wheel is used to scroll through a form in a CMS iFrame, the form elements are hidden for a short duration. Some form elements disappear when double-clicked. The problem does not occur if the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the page is used.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open an instance with demo data.
  2. Navigate to the ess CMS site.
  3. Under Get Help, click Issue Status.
  4. Click All to remove the filters.
  5. Open a record.
  6. Use the mouse wheel (not the vertical scrollbar on the right) to scroll to the bottom of the form and then back up to the top.
    Note that the form rendering is broken, some fields are missing, and some fields are partially hidden.
  7. Double-click on a field label.
    Note that the label disappears.
  8. Reload the frame.
  9. Use the vertical scrollbar on the right to scroll down and back up.
    Note that the rendering does not break.


The current workaround is to use a different browser.

Related Problem: PRB635522