Set Value on Approval field to "Not Yet Requested" before Rollback To activity will re-request ALL approvals


The users tries to manage approvals using workflows when the Approval Engine is turned on.

For example, in the workflow below, the expected result is that Approval A should still say "Approved". The actual result is the Rollback Activity re-requests ALL approvals:

Begin --> Approval A --(approved)-->Approval B --(reject)--> Set Value (Approval = Not yet Requested) --> Rollback To Approval B

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a workflow:
    Begin --> User Approval A --(approved)-->User Approval B--(reject)--> Set Value (Approval = Not yet Requested) --> Rollback To User Approval B.2.
  2. Go in to the record requesting approval.
  3. In the Approval related list, right-click on Requested and select Approve.
  4. Notice that this creates a second approval.
  5. Reject this second approval.
  6. Notice that now all approvals are in the Requested state.


Remove the Set Value activity. The Rollback To activity takes care of resetting the necessary approvals. 

Engines should be turned off if workflows are being used to manage approvals. See Approval Engines for more information.

Related Problem: PRB632243