Knowledge articles are wrapping styles in a



Knowledge articles are wrapping styles in a <p> tag

Steps to Reproduce


  1.  Navigate to sys_properties.list.
  2. Set the properties glide.html.sanitize_all_fields and glide.translated_html.sanitize_all_fields to false.
  3. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge.
  4. Click Create content.
  5. Copy and paste the following text into the article body and save the article.

h1 {font-family:calibri;color:#2E74B5;font-size:16pt;}
h2 {font-family:calibri;color:#2E74B5;font-size:13pt;}
p {font-family:calibri;font-size:11pt;}
li {font-family:calibri;font-size:11pt;margin-bottom:10pt}
td {vertical-align: top}
<p>["To" statement, defining the goal of this procedure. Include any relevant background information.]</p>
<hr />
<hr />
<p>[Define terms and acronyms used in this article.]</p>
<hr />
<p>[This is the body of the article. Be as detailed as possible and include who, what, when, where, why, and how. Include steps and screen captures (as attachments) if applicable.]</p>
<hr />
<h1>Additional Information</h1>
<p>[List related resources, for example, policies, procedures, standards, best practices, guidelines, system support documentation. Refer to existing Knowledge Base articles when possible.]</p>


Add style content as HTML using the HTML editor. Do not add style content as text within the article body.

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