Live Feed on Incident Task records ignore read ACLs on task fields


Read ACLs restricting user roles from reading task fields such as work notes are ignored by the Live Feed module, allowing then users to view hidden fields on messages posted on the incident feed.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to the demonightlyeureka as an Administrator.
  2. Set a read ACL for an Incident field, for example task.work_notes, restricted to the Admin role.
  3. Flush the instance cache.
  4. Log out and log in as ITIL user, for example Joe Employee.
  5. Navigate to an Incident and verify the work notes are not visible.
  6. Click the top-left Additional Actions menu icon and select Follow on Live Feed.
  7. Verify the work notes are visible.


This is by design in order to optimize performance.

Live Feed does not evaluate the base record's ACLs. Instead, it relies on whether the user is an admin user or a normal user.

When a user clicks Show Live Feed and becomes a member, the membership of admin or normal user is determined based on whether the user has access to the work notes or not. So, changing the ACLs does not affect any existing data.

It is recommended to also change the membership of all the existing records in live_group_member from admin to active for such users who are not supposed to see the work notes based on new ACLs.



Related Problem: PRB614324