On-Call scheduling trigger rule is not triggered if assignment group is already populated


Trigger rule not triggered if Assignment group field is pre-populated.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new trigger rule.
  2. When to activate:
    • Table: incident
    • Match conditions: All
    • Condition: Short description > contains > test22
  3. What actions to take:
    • Group: Database
    • Trigger action: Script
    • Trigger script:
      function testEscalate(){
  4. Create a new incident.
  5. In Short Description, type test22.
  6. Leave the assignment group field empty.
    The escalation fires as expected and the Assignment Group is updated with Database. Server logs show the gs.log statement.
  7. Create another new incident.
  8. In Short Description, type test22.
  9. In Assignment group, type Database.
    The escalation does not fire. You can verify this by monitoring the server logs and looking for the gs.log statement.


There is no workaround as this is the current expected behavior of trigger rules. 

If you have business processes in place where the assignment_group and/or the assigned_to fields is/are mandatory but you still want to use trigger rules, you can do the following:

  1. Create a before-insert business rule on the table, in this case, incident.
  2. Make the condition for the business rule match the condition of any trigger rules on incident you want to fire.
  3. In the expressions, set current.assignment_group = null; and current.assigned_to = null;
  4. Set the order number to 10.

This lets you keep all your current processing and user experience the same, but lets you use trigger rules to launch workflows.

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