Using Oracle database, issues with Chat desktop when there is a long message in the Chat message body [sys_live_message -> body]


Using Oracle database, there are issues with the Chat desktop when there is a long message in the Chat message body [sys_live_message -> body]. Base system (out of box) instance has the field type for sys_live_message -> body as String and Max length is 4000.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to base system demo running with Oracle 11 g database.
  2. Install the Chat plugin.
  3. Impersonate ESS user [able.tuter] and Chat Agent [David Loo ] in two different browsers
  4. In ESS user browser window navigate to /ess portal page and click on [Service Desk Chat] to initiate the chat
  5. Use Ipsum generator to generate a long message to start the for Service Desk queue . You can use following link:
  6. In browser window as user [David Loo] navigate to Chat desktop [/] to answer the chat from step 4, click on 'Answer Next User'
  7. Notice that the browser hangs and you will have to refresh the browser tab to see the chat window you just answered
  8. Now login as admin and Navigate to the System log-> Error, notice the following error:
    java.lang.NullPointerException: java.lang.NullPointerException: com.glide.xmpp.Ping.getData( com.glide.xmpp.Ping.process(

Having the long chat message body, chat desktop hangs in step 7 and there are errors reported in the System Log -> Errors.

Chat desktop should not hang when you have a long message in the chat table sys_live_message body.


Change sys_live_message -> body to CLOB type and then expand the character limit. For more information, see KB0010036.

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