ServiceNow Technical Support


ServiceNow offers world-class technical support to every customer through a single tier, direct to expert model.

Quick solution paths can be found using customer support tools such as the community, the knowledge base, and product documentation. Technical support is a global team with support centers located at the following locations:

Teams are comprised of ServiceNow employees that are trained engineers with deep product knowledge and real-world experience.

In technical support, our top goal is to help your team resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Commercial organizations

Use this page to learn about obtaining technical support from ServiceNow, including online resources and a technical support phone number.

Government organizations

Customers working for government organizations can obtain information specifically for their needs by reading the Technical Support for United States Government Customers knowledge base article.

 Note: ServiceNow Technical Support does not provide assistance with implementations. Please contact the ServiceNow Implementation Services team.

How to engage support:

Best practices - ServiceNow suggests this technical support pathway for quick solutions:

  1. Clearly identify the issue or question.
  2. View the ServiceNow Product Documentation.
  3. Search the ServiceNow Community. You must create an account in the ServiceNow Community in order to post.
  4. Search the Knowledge Bases for known errors, useful solutions, and troubleshooting tips
  5. Open a case using the online Technical Support system in the Now Support (HI) portal.
  6. Contact the Technical Support team.


Product Documentation

The ServiceNow Product Documentation is the main repository for information about how to use the product. The search functionality returns answers from both the product documentation and the ServiceNow Community. Each article offers comments and rating functions. Participation and feedback are encouraged. Questions concerning documentation can be registered directly on each page using the Feedback tab. 

ServiceNow Community

The ServiceNow Community offers blogs, articles, groups, and events related to ServiceNow usage, administration, and customization. Searching the community returns answers from all parts of the community site.

ServiceNow Knowledge base

The ServiceNow Knowledge base contains known errors, useful solutions, and troubleshooting tips to address commonly asked questions. It can be accessed within the Now Support portal by navigating to Get Help > Knowledge.

ServiceNow Monitoring

ServiceNow has a robust monitoring and diagnostics framework based on delivering cloud service to the end-user. This framework helps detect, respond, predict, and prevent issues at each layer of the service dependency. For additional information, see ServiceNow Monitoring - Overview and Insight in the HI Knowledge Base.


Support is here when you need it:

How to search for solutions:

Navigate to the Now Support (HI) portaland search through ServiceNow knowledge base articles, known error articles, product documentation, and the community for an answer to your question or issue.

How to submit a case:

To report an issue, submit a case: Now Support (HI) portal.

How cases are prioritized:

Case priority for an issue is determined using the guidelines below.




Any defect that causes any instance to be unusable or unavailable.


Any defect that causes a critical function to fail.


Any defect that significantly impedes work or progress.


Any defect that does not significantly impede work or progress.

Response time and SLA

Customers may submit a case with ServiceNow via phone or web and with ServiceNow’s authorized reseller as directed by the reseller. All support requests are tracked online and can be viewed by the customer’s authorized contacts. Response times do not vary if the case was filed via phone or web.
ServiceNow or its authorized reseller, as applicable, will use reasonable efforts to meet the target response times and target level of effort stated in the following table. Support from the reseller may be limited to business hours only.


Target Response Times

Target Level of Effort


30 minutes

Continuously, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week


2 hours

Continuously, but not necessarily 24 hours per day, 7 days per week


24 hours

As appropriate during normal business hours


48 hours


Viewing open cases

Customers can view cases they have created at any time. To view open cases:

  1. Navigate to the Now Support (HI) portal.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Go to My Issues, and click the Cases tab.
  3. Click a case Number for detailed information.

Viewing closed cases

Customers can view cases they have closed at any time. To view closed cases:

  1. Navigate to the Now Support (HI) portal.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Go to My Issues, and remove Active=True by clicking on the breadcrumb.
  3. Click a case Number for detailed information.

Escalate a case

To escalate a case due to lack of progress, executive visibility or a business imposed deadline, you may request an escalation by any of the following methods: 

The Customer Administrator role

ServiceNow requires customers to designate at least one user as Customer Administrator to create and manage users on the Technical Support portal.

For more information, see Customer Administration.

Request Items

For information about requesting an Instance upgrade: Managing Upgrades with the Instance Upgrade Management Dashboard.

For information on how to Request plugin activation: Activating ServiceNow Plugins

If ever in doubt call support or your ServiceNow account team for assistance.