Viewing instance real availability


ServiceNow customers and partners can use Now Support's Instances Dashboard to view information about the real availability of all their instances.

What is real availability of an instances and how it is calculated

Real availability is the percentage of production time that an instance is up and available for use. Real availability is the true measure of customer availability based on every case that results in a customer outage (a Priority 1, or P1, case).

System will calculate the outage duration based on all P1 cases considered as an outage during the specified window and it's used to calculate the unavailability percentage. The real availability is then calculated after deducting the unavailability percentage from total availability.

Using the Instance Dashboard to view real availability data

ServiceNow customers and partners can view data about their production and non-production instances from the Instances Dashboard on Now Support.

  1. Sign in to
    • [Partners only] To view a customer company, switch companies by clicking your name in the top-right.
  2. Click Instances in the top level navigation.
  3. Select Instances Dashboard in the drop-down menu.
  4. In the Instances Dashboard, click on the name of the instance you would like to see availability for in the "Instance name" column.
  5. Switch the Real Availability tab.

Viewing real availability data in the outage calendar

Scroll down on the real availability dashboard to see a calendar view of your outage activity. By default, the dashboard will show you information from the last 90 days. Different colors indicate the performance impact your instance sustains during a specific date on the outage calendar. Date ranges for real availability include:

Select a custom date range to view information from a specific time period.

Note: 12 months of data may be visualized and exported at any time. Additionally, data is only accurate to January 1, 2014 and is not recommended to view availability prior to that time.