Domain separated CMS login and homepages are directing users to invalid pages


When the Login and Home pages associated with a CMS site are domain separated, logging in through the CMS Login page redirects to a page, rather than the standard Homepage URL. Clicking on further links takes you to the content frame without the standard page layout in place.

Reproduced in demonightlyeureka and demonightlyus.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. Search for and activate Domain Support - Domain Extensions Installer (Domain Support - MSP Extensions Installer before Fuji).
  3. Navigate to Content Management > Sites.
  4. Access the Home page (Portal) and Login page (Portal - Login Page) records associated with the Employee Self-Service Site.
  5. Right-click on the header and select Configure > Page Layout.
  6. Move the Domain field from Available to Selected and Save.
  7. Set the Domain for Portal and Portal - Login Page to ACME.
  8. Log out of the instance.
  9. Access the ESS login page for the instance (for example: ).
  10. Enter credentials to log in.
    Note that the URL you are redirected to does not contain the ESS parameter. It should be formatted like the following: /
  11. Click on the Home link on the top Navigator.
  12. You are redirected to / , and the expected top and side navigation is not present.
    Note: This only occurs the first time the Domain values are set. If the Login and Home pages are moved back into the Global Domain, and then back into the ACME domain, the issue may temporarilly no longer be reproducible. The issue will return eventually, however.



There is no workaround for this Known Error at this time.

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