ODBC Error Messages: Determining batch size value


ODBC Error Messages: Determining batch size value


  • query resulted in data sizes that exceed the Java maximum 
  • query timed out while processing
If you receive an query error message that the data limit has been exceeded, the query you issued likely resulted in data that exceeded the default Java maximum heap size.
If you receive the following error message when running an ODBC query, [DataDirect][ODBC OpenAccess SDK driver][OpenAccess SDK SQL Engine] Error running query for execute: OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded. Your current batch size for fetching records is set at 2000. Please set it to 1000 and try again., the query you have issued resulted in batch data sizes that exceed the default Java maximum heap size. Try reducing the record fetching batch size so that a lesser number of records are fetched per-request, and more requests are made for the query instead. Adjust the value to the recommended size specified in the error message.

In the ODBC Administrator: go to the System DSN tab and configure the ServiceNow ODBC Driver that you plan on using.

In the Custom Properties field, add BatchSize=1000.

For more information on how to change this value, see Configuring the ODBC Driver in the ServiceNow product documentation.