User perspective locked in to the last perspective used



The user preference perspective is locked in the last perspective used.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in to the base system instance.
  2. Impersonate user David Loo.
  3. Change the perspective to Reports. You will only see the report in left navigation menu.
  4. Log in as admin user and navigate to user preference module. Filter the user preference perspective for user David Loo. Notice that the user preference value is Report.
  5. Remove the admin and itil role for user David Loo, and only assign a new asset role to this user.
  6. Impersonate user David Loo again.
  7. Notice that the user only sees the Report module and no access to the perspective changer.
  8. Log in as admin user and repeat step 4. Notice that user preference perspective value is still set to Report.


Delete the user preference perspective for the affected user.


Related Problem: PRB601968