Roles and Responsibilities of Customer Administrators on Now Support


Customer Administrators are Now Support users with the customer_admin role. They create and manage users on Now Support at ServiceNow requires all customers to have at least one Customer Administrator at all times.

Customers can identify their customer administrator by navigating to their user profile in Now Support. If you are having trouble logging in to Now Support and do not know who your Customer Administrator is, please contact Technical Support.

Note: To request an account on Now Support, please contact your Customer Administrator or speak to your ServiceNow territory manager. If you are not sure who that is, please contact Technical Support.

Roles and Responsibilities

Customer Administrators are responsible for:

Service Catalogs on Now Support

ServiceNow offers a list of self-service catalogs for Customers, Customer Administrators, Partners and Partner Admins. In the list below you can find all catalogs available for each specific role.


NameCustomerCustomer AdminPartnerPartner Admin
Activate Plugin
Admin Password Reset
Create a New HI User
Database Footprint
Gov Community Cloud migration acknowledgement
Instance Restore
List of backups for the instance
Manage On-Premise Instance
My IP Information
Release Testing Preview and Early Availability Sign-up
Remove Demo Data
Rename an Instance
Reprovision Email
Request Extension of Instance Expiration Date
Request the ServiceNow Admin Role
Retire an Instance
Schedule a Penetration Test
Security Testing Portal | Report a Potential Vulnerability
Upgrade an Instance
VPN Requests
zBoot an Instance