Determining if a workflow is checked out by another user or if it is already published



Symptoms may include the following:

  • Cannot publish workflow
  • Publishing workflow takes too long
  • Cannot modify checked out workflow
  • Cannot start workflow
  • Workflow does not start
  • Workflow does not trigger

Determine if a workflow is checked out by another user 

To determine if a specific workflow is checked out by another user, three fields are important to note.

  1. Published - If a workflow is checked out, Published is set to false.
  2. Checked out by - If a workflow is checked out, a user is added to this field. Otherwise, it is empty.
  3. Checked out - If a workflow is checked out, a timestamp is added to this field, stating the time when the workflow was checked out. Otherwise, it is blank.

Note: Only one copy of a workflow version can be checked out at any time. If you are unable to check out a workflow, check to make sure another user hasn't already checked it out.

Determine if the workflow version is published 

  1. To determine if a workflow version is published, go to the Workflow Version table.
  2. Find the workflow name in that table.
  3. A version of that workflow is published if the Published field is set to true.


Forcing a Checkout 

To force a checkout of an already checked out workflow version:

  1. Make sure to open the Checked out version of the workflow in the editor.
  2. You can verify this by looking at the top of the workflow editor after you open it, which displays whether someone has checked out this version.
  3. To force a checkout, click on the gear and select Force Checkout

Warning: Once you force a checkout of a workflow version, it then belongs to you until you published it.