Troubleshooting upgrade issues


Troubleshooting upgrade issues


This article guides you through the process of troubleshooting an upgrade that is not starting or finishing properly. It provides steps to help you eliminate common causes for your problem by verifying that the configuration of your networking is correct.

The latest upgrade documentation can be found here:

Symptoms may include the following: 
  • Upgrade did not start
  • Upgrade schedule did not work
  • Upgrade did not finish



Validate that each troubleshooting step below is true for your environment. Each step provides instructions or a link to an article to eliminate possible causes and take corrective action as necessary. The steps are ordered in the most appropriate sequence to isolate the issue and identify the proper resolution. 


  1. First, review the upgrade process. For more information, see Upgrade to Geneva or Upgrade to Helsinki
  2. If the upgrade does not start, following these troubleshooting steps in KB0535198: Upgrade did not start.
  3. Determine if the upgrade was successful using the Upgrade Log. For more information, see KB0535200: Determining if the upgrade was successful using the Upgrade Log
  4. Determine what time the upgrade is scheduled to start. For more information, see KB0535201: Determining what time the upgrade is scheduled to start.
  5. Check the upgrade WAR properties. For more information, see KB0535199: Checking the Upgrade WAR properties.


Note: If your problem still exists after trying the steps in this article: