Review the agent log for MID Server errors


Review the agent log for MID Server errors 


If your MID Server has started, but it didn't connect to your ServiceNow instance, check the agent log for MID Server errors. The agent log is in the logs sub-folder of the agent folder for the MID Server you’re troubleshooting. Before you begin, review the following resources in order to see if they address your issues. 

Video Tutorial: How to Troubleshoot MID Server Issues



To review the agent log in your MID Server for errors: 

1. Locate the logs in the logs folder inside your MID Server files.


2. Locate the agent0.log file inside the logs folder. This is where the MID Servers logs will be recorded.



The MID Server has already tried and failed several times to complete the startup sequence, which is why this information is repeated in the log when there is an error.

  1. Look for the first error in the startup sequence, which is this warning: Could not authenticate user ‘USERNAMEHERE’ on the ServiceNow instance. This error indicates that there is an issue with the user account.
  2. First check if that this user exists.
  3. If not, create it, making sure the user name and password exactly match those in the config XML file. 
  4. If a matching user already exists, check that it is Active and not Locked out.
  5. Then restart the service and go into your instance to see if the MID Server connected.

If your MID Server is still not conncted, go back to the agent log to find the first error after the restart.

  1. You may see a different error: Warning: SOAP Server error reported by ServiceNow instance, user ‘USERNAMEHERE’ may be missing the ‘soap_script’ role. This indicates that there’s a problem with the user’s role.
  2. To fix this, assign the mid_server role to the user, which inherits all other required roles, including the missing soap_script role.
  3. Then restart the service again.
  4. And go into your instance to see if the MID Server connected.
  5. This time it’s listed with a Status of Up, so the issue is resolved.