Performance issues with home page refresh


This document provides information on how to address performance issues where user home pages are on an automatic refresh schedule and impacting performance.

We have identified that the page is constantly refreshed by multiple users and is causing performance issues. This is related to poorly formatted homepages and the root cause should be addressed. For more information, see Customize Homepages in the product documentation.

How to find the issue

The transaction logs show a high quantity and possibly long-running,, and transactions that appear in intervals of 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes for the same user or users. This is verified by navigating to user preferences, searching where name = home_refresh, and observing a high number of users that have a value set to anything other than off (for example, 300, 600, 1800, or 3600).

What is the impact?

When the user is logged in and has their homepage in focus, the user preference home_refresh automatically reloads the homepage based on the value set in the drop-down list. This causes the following:


Note: The user may have a valid business need for select users to have an auto-refreshed homepage. There are instructions below on how to accomplish this outside of the framed instance.


    1. Set the system property glide.home.refresh_disabled to true. This removes the drop-down menu time selection.
      • /
    2. Set necessary users with home_refresh values to off. Navigate to the URL:
      • /
    3. Right-click the header bar (colored area next to value) and select Update All.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Set the Value section to off.
    6. Click Update.
    7. Locate the approved user(s) and set the desired home_refresh value. For example, 300, 600, 1800, or 3600.

How to get the homepage refresh outside of frames if needed

Note: This has been tested and verified to work with Chrome. Other browsers may have similar features but were not tested.
  1. Locate the homepage required to refresh often and capture sys_id.
  2. Navigate to /
    If you cannot get to the portal page, go to the homepage and right-click on the Switch to page drop-down menu and select inspect element. Expand out the page_selector and locate the sys_id of the page needed.
    • Example: <option value="776fca35210151005c9a14efc29c0aa5">Change Management Dashboard - Customer Support</option>
  3. Find the homepage required for refresh (for example, "System Diagnostics") right-click the name and select Copy sys_id.
  4. Place the sys_id of the homepage needed into this URL:
    • /{home_page_sys_id}
  5. Install any browser extension that manages automatic tab refreshing (for example, Easy Auto Refresh for Chrome) and set the time in seconds to refresh the page.