Some users do not receive notifications


Users not receiving notifications | Troubleshooting 


Some users receive email notifications, but other users in the same group do not.



There are two possible reasons why users may not receive email notifications:

The user chose not to receive email notifications 

There is a flag in the user record that specifies the notification method.

  1. Navigate to User Administration > Users.
  2. Open the user not receiving email notifications.
  3. In Notification, check the choice list. 
    If this user is not receiving email notifications, the choice is probably set to Disable.
  4. Use the drop-down to select the Enable option.
    Note that changing choice list values can cause all notifications to fail. Do not modify these choice values. 

The user is the event creator

By default, ServiceNow does not send an email to the person who caused the email action. For example, if you assign an incident to yourself, the system does not notify you that the incident has been assigned to you. If you are testing the system, you might want an email delivered to check your configuration. This default behavior can be changed so that the event creator does receive emails.

  1. Select System Policy > Email > Email Notifications.
  2. Open the notification.
  3. Select the Send to event creator option.
  4. Add yourself to the list of notified users to ensure that you receive notifications.