Error with spell check in European languages with accented letters


Errors occur when trying to spell check extended European characters, accents, or alterations, for example words like 'gérées', or German umlaut 'ü', 'ä', 'ö'.

Users mostly encounter this problem using languages French or German.

The instance spellchecker can not handle correctly German mutated vowels (ä,ö,ü, etc), or other extended European character set. It does not recognize words containing these characters, and offers inconsistent corrections, or unexpected substitutions with upper case or symbols.

This is due to the internal dictionary file being incomplete and not ready for extended UTF8 character set.

Example steps to reproduce with I18 French translations plugin active:

1) Select language: French

2) Go to create new incident

3) Enter sentence: Comment seront gérées mes données?

4) Click on the 'Abc' icon, to the right of the Description label to proceed with the spell check.

5) Right click on the gérées word to see the options.

See screenshot attached. One of the options given has the letter e with double dot on the top as capital.


Ignore the corrections suggested and manually correct the words that were erroneously overwritten.

Use the browser's built-in spell checker, often more up to date and faster, adopting extended dictionary files.





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