Incident activity being populated by sys_history_line which does not include all history


If all the lines from an history set have been flushed, then the history is properly re-created. But if only some of the lines have been flushed, then new lines are properly generated but only those plus the remaining one are displayed, essentially cutting off the start of the history.

Steps to Reproduce

No steps to reproduce available at this time. 


If you are unable to upgrade to a version that fixes this problem, here is a workaround that you can implement to provide relief.
  1. Log in to your instance.
  2. Navigate to System Maintenance > Table Cleanup.
  3. In that table, expand the filter and query for [Tablename] [Is] [sys_history_set]. Click Run.
  4. Clear out the contents of the Matchfield field, and add sys_created_on.
  5. Leave the other fields unchanged, and click Update.

The Table Cleaner scheduled job is set to run every hour on the instance. If you need this addressed sooner, contact Technical Support after you have made a change to that Table Cleanup record. We can execute this scheduled job on demand.

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