Verifing the outbound mail server received the email


Verifing the outbound mail server received the email


After the instance sends email to the outbound mail server, it moves the email from the Outbox to the Sent mailbox. If ServiceNow successfully sends email but users are not receiving it, there may be an issue with the outbound mail server.




  1. Login to the instance.
  2. Navigate to System Mailboxes > Outbound > Sent.
  3. Verify that the email notification is in the Sent mailbox with a state of Processed.
  4. Select the sent email.
  5. Personalize the form to add the Message ID field.
  6. Copy the message ID and send it to the proper outbound mail server administrator.
    • If ServiceNow maintains the SMTP server, open an incident on HI and include the message ID
    • If your instance uses a custom outbound mail server, send the message ID to your outbound mail server's administrator