Verifying the notification's record conditions have been met


Verifying the notification's record conditions have been met


Instances running on Berlin or later releases no longer require specific events to trigger an email notification. Instead, the conditions of the notification record determine whether the instance produces an email. If a particular action no longer produces a notification, review the notification record's conditions to determine if they are valid.

Note: Berlin or later releases still support notifications that use event-based triggers. If you create a notification that sends when a specific event is fired, use the troubleshooting steps for Verifying that the notification event was generated (Aspen or earlier releases) instead.





  1. Login to the instance.
  2. Navigate to System Policy > Email > Notifications.
  3. Select the notification you expected to occur. For example, select the Incident Commented notification if you expected a notification from an incident comment.
  4. Verify the notification conditions are valid.
  5. Click Update if you make any changes to the notification record.
  6. Test the notification by performing an action that meets the record's conditions.