How to display SLA business elapsed duration as number of hours (HHH:MM:SS)



This article aims to help avoiding confusion in SLA reporting when using business_duration fields. The duration of 1 day is always calculated as 24 hours, whether using a schedule or not. Therefore, when reporting against a duration field using a schedule, it will always result in the calculated number if days (DD:HH:MM:SS). This solution will allow to change the Business Elapsed [business_duration] to show in hours instead of days.

Use case configuration example:

- Business elapsed duration is being calculated using the schedule 7-6 M-F

- The business elapsed time is 1 day 8 hours 5 minutes (32 hours total)

- An incident was opened late on Wednesday at 4:50pm and closed on Monday at 3:56pm

- 1 day = 24 hours

- The calculated time span will be:

Wednesday – 1hr 10min left

Thursday – 11 hours

Friday – 11 hours

Saturday – Not counted

Sunday – Not counted

Monday – 8hrs 56min


- Total will be 32:05:00

- The Business Duration shows as 1 day 8 hours 5 minutes





To display the business_duration field on the Task SLA table in hours (as 32:05:00 in the example above) instead of days:

1 - Open the Dictionary

2 - Select the Task SLA table

3 - Find the business_duration field

4 - Personalize the dictionary adding the following Attribute:


The business_duration will now display as HHH:MM:SS.