View Rules are not followed for individual records on the Request [sc_request] table


Using View Rule, it is not possible to define a view for an individual record on the sc_request table.
It is, however, working for other items, such as the Catalog task table.

Steps to Reproduce

Log in to a demo instance:

1. Navigate to View Rules.
2. Create a new rule following the template below:

3. Navigate to table sc_request and open REQ0000002. Notice that the view is still ESS.
4. Navigate back to View Rules and create another new rule using the parameters below:

5. Navigate to task table, and open up TASK0000002. Notice that the view is now ESS.


This is expected behavior. View Rules do not apply by default on [sc_request], because this table has its own navigator logic, which can be changed from:

System Maintenance > Navigation Handlers

Ref.: /


In Dublin onward, the system property glide.ui.view_rule.check_after_nav_handler has been introduced.

If the property is set to true (may need to be created if it doesn't already exist), View Rules will be checked if the Navigation Handler doesn't return anything for a user.

If the Navigation Handler does return something, that will override the property, and View Rules will not be subsequently checked.

Related Problem: PRB577387