[List v3] Related list and embedded list personalization not working, and related list layout cached against user role instead of individual user


In List v3, On related lists, if person A personalizes the related list, person B can see the change. However, if person B tries to reset to default, it does not allow this. In addition, forms and related lists are cached per user role. When user A personalizes the related list on a form, all other users with user A role can see the personalized form.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to a base system where this issue is occurring.
  2. Add the same set of roles to two different users.
  3. Using related list mechanic, personalize the list layout (as user A).
  4. As user B, go to the same list, and you will notice the list layout personalized by user A.
    Note that the Reset to Column Defaults only appears when that user has already personalized the list.


Set your related lists to load "On demand" or "After the form Loads" and that will prevent the issue.  View the Fixed In section below for a list of versions in which the issue is fixed for List v3.

Related Problem: PRB1007089