Resetting automatic passwords and checking for duplicate users


Resetting automatic passwords and checking for duplicate users | HI System

Automatic Password Reset

To enhancethe automatic password reset mechanism, the following updates have been applied to HI.

    1. The Reset your password here link on the login page.

        • The screen was redesigned to display in the corresponding color of the instance.

      • Errors or information messages now display in the Reset password screen at the top of the page, similar to the rest of the system.

  1. When resetting a user's password, one of the following options can happen:

      • The  email is not found among the active users in the system. If this is the case, the following error message appears:

        The email provided does not match our records.

      • There are multiple users with the same email among the active users. This case is rare and there are subsequent stories in place to prevent this from happening in future. If there are multiple users returned, the following message appears:

        A duplicate email has been found in our system.
        Please contact your customer administrator for assistance.

      • There are multiple users with the email among the active users who have different user ids. This is rarer scenario. The following message will appear in this scenario:

        Multiple user ids has been found in our system associated with the provided email id.
        Please contact your customer administrator for assistance.

      • If user with the email provided is among active users but the account is locked out, then the following message will appear:

        Your account has been locked.
        Please contact your customer administrator for assistance.";

    • The userID and email combination is found and uniquely identified. In this case, an email is received that includes a new temporary password and the following message appears: 

      An email with instructions to change your password has been sent.
      Please check your spam folder if you do not find the message in your inbox.



The changes were made to the reset_password UI page to adhere to the current layout and functionality of the screens. Additional changes were made to the PasswordResetAJAX script include to handle the case when multiple users are returned for the same userID and email combination.

In the case where multiple users exist, the customer is advised to contact the Technical Support Team. The Support engineer will need to investigate which userID is correct and manually reset the userID for the customer.



Duplicate UserID Warnings

To try to reduce the number of duplicate userIDs in the system, a messages display at the top of the User screen in any of the following cases:

    1. A current user record is opened that has the same userID as another user record. A message displays notifying the user that it has multiple users in the system.

  1. A new user field or existing user account is opened and the userID is changed to an already existing userID. 



A new client script is used to monitor the userID field for modifications, and then reviews new values added to existing entries. Additionally, a business rule is run every time a user entry is loaded to verify there is only one userID in the system.

Both the client script and business rule make calls to the UserAdministrationUtil script, which then runs the validation on the userID and sysID to check for any other existing user.